6 Months, The Stage Maestro

Gone are the days when you would get nervous while keeping your points in debates or group discussions. Become an important part of the team or even win solo competitions. 

Dynamic events like debate, stage discussions, and on-the-spot speaking can put the best of the best speakers in trouble. 

Learn not only to perform in any of these like a star but also to handle difficult situations and be prepared for any of them to come across.

Nobody can stop you now!

LEVEL : Advanced

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  • Impress the audience with your charm and techniques. 
  • Perform outstanding in debates and group discussions. 
  • Take everyone by surprise in impromptu.
  • Develop a unique speaking style.
  • Handle difficult scenarios without losing your grip.

Topics Covered

Fundamentals of Stage Performance

  • Body Language
  • Voice
  • Delivery
  • Confidence
  • Words


  • Etiquettes
  • Engage Audience

Public Speaking  

  • Definition, benefits, Roles  
  • Identifying and evaluating your feeling about speaking in public  
  • Techniques to engage the audience  
  • Tips and tricks to improve 

Power of Language 

  • Communicate your ideas clearly and effectively.  
  • strong introductions.  

Master your voice 

  • Voice, pitch, rate, and quality  

Address your audience 

  • Tips and Techniques
  • Audience engagement  

Stage fright

  • Overcome your nerves and fears.  
  • Identify your personal power stance. 

Effective Communication

  • Different Styles
  • Communicating with passion and conviction 
  • Top tips for preparing for presentations and speeches


  • Find your confidence to speak successfully. 

Power of words  

Master your voice

  • Use voice, pitch, rate, and quality to affect your message. 
  • Use your voice to communicate naturally. 

Find your confidence  

  • Overcome your nerves and fears.  
  • Identify your personal power stance.  

Learn the basics

  • Know what a debate is
  • Components breaking down a successful debate
  • How to debate
  • How to speak valid points

The GREAT debate

  • Take part in the great debate
  • Present well with valid points


Deliver a speech on “My Dream”

Selling journey to Mars

Participation in 1 debate and 1 extempore competition


No tools or prior knowledge are required, we will teach you everything from scratch.

Subscription Benefits

  • 2 Sessions/week
  • 24 comprehensive AI reports
  • 12 Bee coins free
  • International Certification
  • Global ratings and badges
  • Get featured on our social media platform
  • Live interactive class
  • Assignments with Peer Feedback
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Create your content and get featured on our platform
  • Quizzes with Feedback
  • Become a Bee speaker with us
  • Fun & frolic activities for enhancement of skills

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