6 Months, Super Hero

Design Thinking is indeed a very powerful process to solve real-world issues, but what makes it so popular and why do we need to understand its concepts? 

Know all about Design Thinking in this 6 months journey from scratch. 

A deeper understanding of its 5 stages will help you solve issues innovatively and creatively. Incorporating the essential concepts will help you learn and grow substantially.

LEVEL : Advanced

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  • Clear understanding of what you are learning and can see how it fits into a bigger context. 
  • Enhanced innovative mindset. 
  • Develop curiosity and creativity. 
  • Solve real world issues through human-cenetered approach. 
  • Develop empathy.

Subscription Benefits

  • 2 Sessions/week
  • 24 comprehensive AI reports
  • 12 Bee coins free
  • International Certification
  • Global ratings and badges
  • Get featured on our social media platform
  • Live interactive class
  • Assignments with Peer Feedback
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Create your content and get featured on our platform
  • Quizzes with Feedback
  • Become a Bee speaker with us
  • Fun & frolic activities for enhancement of skills

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