3 Months, Roller Coaster

With this 3 months course, bring innovation and creativity to your life. 

This course helps you garner effective Communication Skills, Relationships, Creative and Innovative ideas with empathy. 

Develop inquisitiveness, ask questions, clear doubts and queries with confidence and become innovative to survive in the real world.

Increase your Focus, be self-motivated, Manage your time well to manage your life well. Plan activities, Check the success or failure, Act accordingly, take countermeasures for continual improvement with a design thinking mindset.

LEVEL : Intermediate



  • Develop an innovative mindset.
  • Enhance your communication skills. 
  • Build effective relationships.
  • Develop an empathetic mindset.
  • Develop inquisitiveness. 
  • Solve real-life issues through a human-centered process.  
  • Increase your focus and be self-motivated.

Subscription Benefits

  • 2 Sessions/week 
  • 12 comprehensive AI reports 
  • 6 Bee coins free 
  • International Certification 
  • Global ratings and badges 
  • Live interactive class 
  • Assignments with Peer Feedback 
  • Practice Quizzes 
  • Create your content and get featured on our platform
  • Quizzes with Feedback
  • Fun & frolic activities for enhancement of skills 

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